'The Lego Movie' Success Inspires Olympic-Level Puns & We Found Some Good Ones

We love a good pun like the next person, but it seems that movie critics have taken their cavorting with words to a whole other level. As to be expected, The Lego Movie has awoken the child in all of us, and those children are out. to. play. We can't say we blame them either, it looks completely and utterly amazing. Let's take a glimpse at our favorite 'Lego' headlines.

Images: Warner Bros.

"Oh, snap! ‘LEGO’ ($69M) wins the weekend with record-setting opening"

Snap. Get it? Legos snap together? HA!

Thanks, The Washington Post .

Image: Tumblr/http://legomovie.tumblr.com/

"At the Box Office, Little Plastic Bricks Have Legs"

Well, that’s true. They do have legs. His are flailing.

Leave it to the The New York Times for the literal interpretation.

Image: Tumblr/http://legomovie.tumblr.com/

"Box office update: 'The Lego Movie' builds a $17.1 million Friday"

“Builds.” Because you build with legos.

A stroke of genius, Entertainment Weekly.

Image: Tumblr/http://legomovie.tumblr.com/

"Box office: 'The Lego Movie' begins to put together a hit weekend"

Put together. Ahhhhh, yeah this one’s a stretch.

You win some, you lose some, Los Angeles Times .

Image: Tumblr/http://legomovie.tumblr.com/

"'The LEGO Movie’ blocks opponents at box office with $69.1 million"

“Blocks.” Legos are blocks, Batman has “opponents.” HEY-O.

Nice one, The Daily News .

Image: Tumblr/http://legomovie.tumblr.com/

"From bricks to the big screen, Lego thrives on family fun"

Its a rags to riches, blocks to buildings kind of success story. We see what you did there, Deseret News.

Image: Tumblr/http://legomovie.tumblr.com/