He Seems Like He'd Send Nude Pics, Right?

Would it surprise anyone to hear that The Bachelor is a dick pic sender? Probably not. Reportedly, there is a Juan Pablo Galavis nude photo circulating and it's being sent around by the woman who he chooses at the end of this season. Before you get your panties in a twist, the report does not reveal which woman Galavis chooses. It doesn't give her hair color, age, height, or annoyingness level, so unless you sensed one of the women has a propensity to distribute penis pics, don't expect to figure out any spoilers.

Radar Online claims that the mystery woman is "bragging to friends" about Galavis by sharing photos on her phone of his erect penis. Now, while it wouldn't be surprising that Galavis would send these pictures in the first place — he just seems like that kind of guy — it is very weird to "brag" by showing your girls pictures of your dude's junk. And it's gross. I would literally slap my friend's phone out of her hand if she tried to show me pictures of her boyfriend naked.

The woman's friend showed the photo to Radar and they have verified that the picture came from a phone registered to the woman Juan Pablo chooses.

Now, this story could be exactly as told or there could be something else going on. Maybe it isn't actually Galavis. Maybe the woman isn't bragging but is upset at Galavis and they are no longer together. Maybe it's not from the contestant that won and Galavis has been sending nude pictures to other ladies. Galavis has already proven, time and time again, that he's pretty controversial (or a jerk, if you'd rather put it that way), so none of these options would be shocking at this point.

Image: Getty Images