'American Idol's Savion Wright Has Just the Right Amount of Originality to Win It All

The search for the next American Idol resumes this week, where another series of brutal cuts will leave only 30 contestants to compete after the second part of "Hollywood Week" is all said and done on Thursday night. While there have been many standouts thus far in the competition, we seriously hope to see Savion Wright pass through into next week — and with his performances thus far on the show, we're pretty sure that won't be too difficult a feat for him.

We got a whiff of Savion's star quality when he first appeared on Idol at his audition, performing an original song with a fast-paced flavor akin to Michael Jackson's greatest hits. He served up another dose of originality at the start of Hollywood Week by performing a self-written ballad behind the piano in dedication to his brother, who had recently passed away.

So far, we know Wright can play at least two instruments and has the innate ability — and musical chops — to write and perform what would be his own chart-toppers. Plus, his humility and dedication make him stand out from the crowd. After all, he did admit to the judges that he refrained from auditioning for the show for eight years because he felt he wasn't creative enough yet to compete.

Diagnosed with ADHD, it seems Wright has faced a fair share of his own personal battles, but music has continued to see him through. We can't wait to see what he picks to perform this week. Whether it's a tired pop hit or a new original song, we're fairly certain with Wright's raw talent and deep-seated passion, we're going to enjoy this performance and many more to come.

Image: Fox