Mellie Reads Mean Tweets On 'Scandal' & The Jimmy Kimmel Bit Was The Perfect Move

Now that the presidential campaign season has officially kicked off on Scandal, it's so fun to see the ways it mirrors the actual process happening in real life right now — and in the ways it's actually way more fun than reality. And watching Mellie do her thing has been awesome, especially since I think she has the potential to make a really good POTUS. But after losing at the first GOP debate, it's clear she's gotta pull out the big guns... but Olivia is way too busy to help her. So instead, Mellie and Marcus team up on Scandal , and although they're off to a rocky start at first, they end up figuring out a way for her to finally break through in the race.

And after the Gettysburger disaster that happened on last week's episode, Mellie's Become More Likable So The American People Vote For Her tour continues with a stop on Live With Jimmy Kimmel. Yes, every ABC show is somehow required to name drop Jimmy Kimmel at some point, and this is Scandal's turn. Not that I'm complaining, because it brought us the beautiful scene that is Mellie Grant reading mean tweets. Yes, this is real. And it was amazing.

Mellie's totally against the idea at first, but Marcus manages to convince her to do it. And once she does? Total success! The audience adores her, and her comedic timing is actually excellent. Everybody knows the one surefire way to make a public figure more human is to have them acknowledge the fact that keyboard warriors suck, and Mellie having a good sense of humor about the whole thing is a huge bonus.

Another bonus: Mellie and Marcus actually make a pretty good pair. Of course, Olivia is ruthless, but Marcus seems like a genuinely good guy, even if he's the gladiator who's been around for the shortest amount of time. I could be totally misreading this, but it seems like there could be a little romance in their future... if not a really solid friendship.

More mean tweets, please, Scandal. Fitz next, maybe?

Image: Richard Cartwright/ABC