'Breaking Bad' Gets the Latest Facebook Look Back Parody & Beats the Rest

Poor Facebook. It tries to do something nice and create these sentimental Look Back videos for everyone, only to be mocked by the entire Internet. It kind of sucks for them, but is great for the rest of us who instead of a minute of embarrassing photos and awkward statuses get to watch great parodies, like the latest Facebook Look Back that features Breaking Bad.

Thanks to the comedy team Derick Wats & The Sunday Blues, Breaking Bad fans can now see what Walter White's Look Back video may have contained and it is hilarious. However this isn't the first Look Back parody, just the latest in a series that has become pretty popular since Facebook introduced the feature for its tenth birthday on Feb. 4.

Before Breaking Bad, other pop culture parodies included Star Wars ' Darth Vader and, strangely, Transformers' Optimus Prime. Though since it was created by the official Transformers page is more of a promotional reel than a parody. Then there's the parody that makes fun of Facebook itself, with a more honest look at the past ten years. Other versions include "A Look Back with Creationism" that is amusing for those on the evolution-side and finally, the one video that is Breaking Bad's only competition for best Look Back parody—Funny or Die's Myspace Look Back.

As great as it is too see Walt complain about Jesse online, Funny or Die might win this one thanks to a well-used photo of everyone's first MySpace friend, Tom. Check out the two below and see whether Breaking Bad really is the best parody.

Image: Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues

And here are the honorary mentions, starting with Darth Vader.

Now the meta-Facebook Look back of Facebook.

And finally the creationism parody.

Thank you Facebook, for inspiring all of us to make fun of you as much as we can.

Images: You Tube Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues