Marm & Ale Beer Marmalade By Innis & Gunn Is Here To Spice Up Your Morning Toast

Most of us can agree that a beer can taste pretty great after a long day of work or during a hot summer afternoon, but chances are you never thought of putting it on your toast. Well, beer lovers now have that option, thanks to Scottish independent brewer Innis & Gunn. The brewer has created the world's first ever beer marmalade, Marm & Ale. It's an appropriate name, don't you think?

To create the spreadable beer, Innis & Gunn combined its oak-aged IPA with a Dundee marmalade preserve. The result? The marmalade's usual flavor is infused with some of the beer's signature hoppy undertones. You just spread it on your toast like you would any other jam or butter, and voila! Breakfast is served.

The product was reportedly created to celebrate the brewer's launch of its own bar and restaurant, The Beer Kitchen in Dundee. But that's not the only wacky item it has created in honor of the occasion. In addition to creating an IPA-infused marmalade, it also concocted a marmalade-infused IPA. That's right. It created the drink equivalent of the Marm & Ale by using a beer percolator, which allows the brewer to infuse its ales with a wide range of flavors.

To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about IPA-flavored spread on my toast, or about a marmalade-infused IPA. Then again, I generally have a hard time turning down a beer, so I'd probably at least give it a try.

Unfortunately for us stateside beer enthusiasts, both products are only currently available at The Beer Kitchen. But, there is a possibility that it could make its way to us eventually. According to Mashable, Innis & Gunn will consider making the Marm & Ale more widely available, should it prove to be a hit.

Image: Innis & Gunn