Zayn Malik's Performance Of "Like I Would" At The 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards Will Make You Swoon — VIDEO

YAASSS, Zayn. Fans waited all night, but with approximately 30 minutes left in the show, Zayn Malik performed "Like I Would" at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Was it worth the wait? Um, this is Zayn Malik — former One Direction boy bander and current maker of #realmusic — we're talking about here. Of course it was worth the wait. What kind of a question even is that? I'm ashamed I even asked it, TBH.

Performing "Like I Would," his new single off of his No. 1 album Mind of Mine, Malik proved that he had the vocal chops to go it alone, leaving the audience in a state of swoon-worthy bliss with every vocal run and sultry glance. Truth be told, the entirety of Mind of Mine plays like some seriously sexy background music, but with this performance Malik made sure he was the one in the forefront of everyone's minds. Not that it's hard: Dude is incredibly good-looking, and when he's up there on stage belting out how much better he can love you, it doesn't exactly seem like he's stretching the truth.

During the performance, the stage was completely dark apart from rays of light shining on Malik the whole time. Though the illumination was necessary from a "um, I need to be able to see him" standpoint, it looked like Zayn was glowing enough on his own:

Have I mentioned that this was only the second time — and the first televised one — that Malik has ever performed "Like I Would" live? Because props for that. It may have been weird to see him without the rest of his former bandmates, but this performance proved, if nothing else, that Malik has the talent, stage presence, and yes, that ~swoon-worthiness~ to make it as a solo artist.

More solo Zayn performances, please.