Olympian Kate Hansen Dances to Beyonce Before Events & It's Amazing — VIDEO

Part of the joy of the Olympics is always getting to know the little human quirks of people with almost superhuman athletic ability — Ryan Lochte's sneakers and vocal ticks, for example. During these Sochi Olympics, we've been treated to figure skater Ashley Wagner's delightful transparency in the face of a disappointing score, and also to luger Kate Hansen's warm up routine: Rocking out to Beyonce tunes. Can you blame her?

Hansen's been one of the athletes deemed most wonderfully meme-able so far these Sochi Olympics, 100 percent because of her dance moves, which you can witness below. And once again we have Queen Beyonce to thank for them, because as Hansen told NBC Sports, girl serves as both Hansen's inspiration and her soundtrack:

My girl, B — she just gets me fierce and I get stoked and I have to. I have good mojo going on, so it's just how I roll. Honestly I'm in my own world ... I'm completely in my own world — and it doesn't matter who's staring — I'm still going to dance.

And really, is there anything more American than that? Because honestly, Beyonce's the closest thing we've got in America to royalty — apologies to both the Obamas and the Kardashians, they're not the ones getting our athletes psyched for the games, now are they? Nuh-uh.

Image: Getty Images