Nina Dobrev & Liam Hemsworth Might Be An Item, So We Came Up With Some Couple-y Nicknames

Say you’re kicking it at a local bar on a Friday night. Say you notice two especially attractive individuals perched on some bar stools. They look familiar. You squint your eyes. Could that be…? you wonder. No way. Wait. Are they an item? Am I seeing things? And then you realize that you aren’t hallucinating: Nina Dobrev and Liam Hemsworth might be the newest celebrity couple. Last Friday, the two actors hung out at Corner Tavern in Atlanta for a few hours, and allegedly ended the night with a kiss. Or three. According to Celebuzz source Jahti Anderson, the pair shared “three sensual kisses on the lips.” Well, well, well! The source also said Dobrev and Hemsworth were “definitely acting couple-y.” OOH LA LA. I don't know what that means exactly, but I think I support it?

The two very good looking humans are in Atlanta for work: Hemsworth for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, and Dobrev for The Vampire Diaries. And the two very good looking humans have been single for some time: Dobrev and ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder split up last year, as did Hemsworth and ex-fiancé Miley Cyrus. Does their Corner Tavern canoodling mean both of them are off the market again? Are they dating? Or was this a one-night canoodlestand? As far as we're concerned, they could be nothing more than canoodlefriends with canoodlebenefits.

If they are linked romantically, a nickname for their coupledom is necessary. Who doesn't love a fun nomme de couple? Even if they aren't a thing, a little brainstorming can't hurt. Let's see what happens if we put their names together:

  • Lina
  • Niiam
  • Lini
  • Nili
  • Naam
  • Amna
  • Hemsbrev
  • Dobsworth
  • Dobhem
  • Brevsworth
  • Dobwo
  • Revrth
  • Thbrev

Hm. I don't know. Maybe we should take another route. A Gale/Elena mashup?

  • Galena
  • Elegale
  • HungerDiaries
  • VampireGames
  • HungryVampire

Not really clicking for me. Perhaps this will do:

  • BeautyandtheBeauty

SO TRUE, but it might not be specific enough. Oh, wait. I've got it:

  • WhatAboutIanAndMiley

Eh, maybe that one doesn't have staying power after all. "Thbrev" it is!

Image: Getty Images