'House of Cards' Against Humanity Is Brilliant

It's not often that a card game and an Emmy-nominated television show can join together to form the most pitch-perfect marketing union that we've seen in awhile. Thankfully, Netflix's House of Cards has done just that by partnering up with Cards Against Humanity, the self-described "party game for horrible people." Considering the fact that Frank Underwood is pretty much the utter definition of a horrible person, it all works flawlessly. One can only imagine what they'll think up to promote the newly announced third season of the series.

Though this is not the first time the series has seen a TV crossover, it is the first official instance. Previously fans have self-created cards for Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, but never before has the integration been official — or this well matched. According to their official website (where the packs sold out in mere minutes):

Last month, someone in the Netflix marketing department had an epiphany: House of Cards and Cards Against Humanity both contain the word 'cards.' When we got a phone call from Netflix, we enthusiastically agreed that the two products indeed contain the word 'cards.'" Sometimes, that's really all it takes.

With some of Kevin Spacey's alterego's most insane moments captured in card form — "Strangling a dog to make a point to the audience" to "Getting eaten out while on the phone with Dad" — we're quickly reminded of all the chaos and calamity that lies behind us and what sort of nuttery lies ahead as Underwood manipulates himself into the Vice Presidency. Perhaps there'll be a few more ruthless deaths in store for us, and a bunch of creepy power-sex, because, you know: politics! Still, there are a few cards the game has missed out on, including:

  • Making your much younger sex partner wish you a Happy Father's Day
  • Imagining the faces of your adversaries slightly salted and frying in a pan
  • Manipulating the President to get what you want
  • Turning all your friends to enemies, slowly and without care

Even with the purchasable versions already gone, fans can still download the pack in one of two forms: plain text or PDF. Just in time for your Valentine's Day binge-watch when the show returns.

Image: Netflix