Country Music Finally Gets Viral Gay Music Video

Meet Steve Grand, the 22-year-old singer who's just released country music's hottest new song, "All-American Boy." It's a pretty formulaic country ballad, except for one thing: it's a love song about another man.

In the based-on-a-true story music video, Grand starts to get mixed messages when he and his ripped, blond love interest sit around a bonfire and bond over whiskey and patriotism. Things start to get a little more serious when they're in the backseat of a car and this guy rests his head on Grand's shoulder for a quick snooze. Fast forward another minute, and they're both butt-naked, jumping into a lake.

I won't give away the ending, I will tell you that this video is surprisingly riveting. It cost Grand just $7,000 to make, but it very well might just have changed his life, not to mention the country music genre. As of Tuesday afternoon, the video has reached over 650,000 views, and Grand's story is getting picked up by the media at an overwhelming pace.

Just like his character in the video, Steve Grand has faced some hardships for being gay in real life. When his parents learned about his sexual orientation in eight-grade, they sent him to five years of "straight therapy." Hopefully they can be proud of him now.