Jonah Hex Will Be "Very Faithful" To DC Comics On 'Legends Of Tomorrow,' Marc Guggenheim Promises

If you're not a big comic book reader, you might only associate the name Jonah Hex with a 2010 Josh Brolin and Megan Fox movie. However, that's about to change. In the April 14 episode "The Magnificent Eight," Legends of Tomorrow will introduce Jonah Hex as played by Johnathon Schaech. "Jonathan is an amazing Jonah Hex," Marc Guggenheim, a producer on the CW series, told reporters at WonderCon. "I would say very, very faithful to the comics incarnation with a touch more sass, a little bit more attitude. That might have had something to do with the fact that I wrote Episode 11 and I can’t seem to write characters without sass."

As if seeing a sassy Jonah Hex interact with Rip Hunter's time-traveling group of heroes isn't exciting enough, true to the character's DC Comics origins, they'll meet in the Old West. In the comics, Jonah is a bounty hunter with scars on his face and a completely exposed right eye. He was sold to an Apache tribe as a teenager by his alcoholic father and in one comic, shot Civil War Confederate general Stonewall Jackson. While it's not clear which exact comic plot points will be adapted in "The Magnificent Eight," from the episode trailer below, it seems that Guggenheim was not kidding when he said the characer will be "very, very faithful to the comics."

If Schaech seems to fit right in with that time period, it may be because he recently appeared in the History miniseries Texas Rising as Colonel Sherman. However, as a bounty hunter, Hex will be on a different side of the law on Legends of Tomorrow, where we can also look forward to seeing him banter with Rip. "Watching his interactions with Rip are gold," Guggenheim said. "They’re just so much fun. Jonathan and Arthur [Darvill] make a great team." Maybe if they hit it off well enough, we'll get to see Jonah on Legends of Tomorrow again in the future... or the past.

Image: Dean Buscher/The CW