Bobbi Kristina Is Looking to Be a Pop Star With Mariah Carey's Help, But That's Not Okay

On the two-year anniversary of the death of singing legend Whitney Houston, memories of her performances, her greatest hits, and her overall musical impact continue to ensure fans that her legacy lives on. With countless YouTube clips and tributes to the pop diva referred to as "The Voice," Houston has undoubtedly left her mark on the music industry. And according to recent reports, her daughter Bobbi Kristina wants to be a pop star and is preparing to follow in her mother's musical footsteps.

In news not related to her boobs, Mariah Carey will apparently join former American Idol judge Randy Jackson in helping Bobbi Kristina get her singing career off the ground. The list of combined musical accomplishments from Carey and Jackson are enough to create a couple of heavy-duty VH1 specials, but I'm still not sure Bobbi Kristina should be going anywhere near a stage anytime soon.

Don't get me wrong: It's not her potential that I doubt. First of all, her mom's Whitney Houston, plus her grandmother Cissy Houston is a celebrated gospel singer. And even though Bobbi Kristina's estranged father Bobby Brown may have made headlines for his personal and legal troubles, he's also an accomplished singer, as well. So it's no surprise that she wants a singing career of her own. Plus, there's the few clips she's released of herself singing, which don't sound half bad.

Question is: Is she ready? If you've ever watched even five minutes of an episode of the Houston family's ill-timed reality show, The Houstons: On Our Own, it's quite clear that Bobbi Kristina's relationship with new husband Nick Gordon appears to be slightly on the co-dependent side. In one episode, she couldn't go one day without seeing him. He flew out and interrupted a girls' trip (at Bobbi's beckoning, of course), which for a man, is a crime against womanhood. Girls' trips are for girls. Period.

Also, if the way Bobbi Kristina was depicted on the show in any way mirrors her real life, the thought of her becoming a pop star remains a scary one. In almost every scene, she appeared to be under the influence and was even caught on film swiping a glass of wine, even though at the time of filming she was only 19- years-old. Sure, her aunt scolded her, but the reaction to Bobbi drinking didn't seem to be one of extreme shock.

Finally, Bobbi Kristina's 21st birthday is coming up on March 4 and she is set to receive $1.2 million of her mother's estate, something that allegedly has her family concerned. Yeah, she may be young, but the fact that they don't trust her with this money to the point of it causing a family feud doesn't bode well.

I'm not saying that she shouldn't launch her career, but maybe she should take a little more time to get her off-screen life together if she expects to pull off a career that will place her and all of her flaws front and center. Hopefully, she'll be ready to take on the challenges that come with being a pop star, so she do her mother's legacy justice, and make a mark of her own, too, that will stand the test of time.

Image: Getty Images