Justin Bieber Yoga Is A Thing That Exists, & We Have Some Biebs-Themed Pose Ideas

When I read about Justin Bieber’s recent rowdy behavior, about 45 things come to mind before a peaceful, centered yoga class. Alas, I just don’t have the creative vision. Toronto resident Rosanne McCollum pioneered yogaBiebs, a yoga class set to Bieber tunes. YEP. I love it already. McCollum, a certified yoga instructor and proud Belieber, says yoga class music doesn’t have to be new age and mellow, so she’s merged two of her interests: the ancient practice of yoga and the contemporary sounds of Justin Bieber. Get me to Canada, STAT. I need to Downward Dog to "Beauty and the Beat."

McCollum says Bieber's hit “Baby” didn’t make its way onto the yogaBiebs playlist, but she did include a lot of songs from his 2013 album Journals. Ah, so she probably doesn’t ask students to chant “Baby, baby, baby, OM” on an exhale, right? Missed opportunity, I say!

Inspired by McCollum and yogaBiebs, I've cooked up a few Bieber-themed yoga poses. I tried 'em out. I'm no yoga teacher, but I think these moves could really catch on!

The class mantra: “Never say never.”

The Bieber Haircut: Standing With Feet Hip-Width Apart, Imagining Head is Weighed Down By a Bowl Cut, Tilting Side to Side

The Egg Throw: Tossing an Imaginary Egg Overhand, Remain Light On Feet With the Intent To Run Away At Any Moment

The Aggressive Plane Passenger: Popping Up Onto Feet From Headstand, Falling onto Back and Log Rolling (Note: I haven't done this one. It sounds like an injury waiting to happen. Maybe don't do it.)

The YouTube Sensation: Sitting Cross-Legged On Mat, Smiling While Shifting Weight Back and Forth

The Paparazzi Lunge: Maintain Balance While Leaning Forward With Arms Outstretched

The Mop Bucket Squat: Standing and Sitting With Feet Shoulder-Width Apart

Mally the Monkey: Hopping up and down with a gloomy, abandonment-stricken face.

The Sizzurp: Drooling while in Shavasana

Image: Getty Images