Trent Harmon Wins 'American Idol' Season 15 And Could Release His Album This Summer

Well, American Idol fans, it's over. Kieran dimmed the lights for the very last time and the winner was crowned. While I'm not-so-silently mourning the loss of the legendary show, I can't help but wonder when the final winner's album will come out. Though Trent Harmon was just crowned as the final American Idol winner EVER, I can't wait to hear his album. It's guaranteed to be full of pop and R&B hits and will be on repeat for sure. So when can we expect a Harmon debut album? Judging from past winner's album release dates, it could be as early as this summer.

It seems to take every winner a different amount of time to get their albums together. Last season's winner, Nick Fradiani, has yet to release his album and it's been almost a year now. It is in the works though and can be pre-ordered here. But Season 13 winner Caleb Johnson, on the other hand, had his first single out within two months of his win and his debut album, "Testify," released within three months. Clearly these two aren't a good gauge, so I dug a little deeper.

Season 12 winner Candice Glover waited nine months to release her debut album, while Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips released his album, "The World From The Side Of The Moon," only five months after his victory. Similar to Phillips, Scotty McCreery released his album, "Clear As Day," six months after he won Season 10.

So judging from the past five winners, Harmon could release his album as soon as July and as late as next April. With this being the last season, though, something tells me that there will a bit of a rush to get this album out to fans. Here's hoping to have a Harmon album to listen to this summer, or at least by Christmas.

Image: Ray Mickshaw/FOX