Twitter Users Come Up With The Best Questions To Ask Your New BFF

What separates a friend from a BFF? That elusive combination of time, trust, and a little something extra is difficult to define, but like the tried and true cliché about romantic relationships, "once you know, you know." Considering that everyone has a list of basic bestie must-haves, the trending hashtag #NewBFFInterviewQuestions offers a fun way for Twitter users to reveal what they'd want to ask a potential buddy for life.

Female friendship in particular can be bogged down with a lot of societally-imposed competition. The heteronormative, sexist narrative that we're here to fight other women for scarce male resources (eew) can be super damaging, but thankfully there is a lot of science and popular wisdom to counter it. You don't need a study to tell you that hanging out with your BFF is good for you, but it totally is. One Harvard Medical study found that as women age, the more friends they have, the more likely they are to lead a "contented life" and suffer fewer physical ailments. Another study found that women can cope with stress better when surrounded by their friends. So in the name of picking the best friends possible to make your life worth living, here are 10 questions Twitter users would ask their new BFF:

Images: Unsplash; Twitter