'Twisted': Are All Convicted Murderers This Great at Dancing?

In a dream, Lacey sees a ghostly Regina eating peanut butter out of an enormous jar. Regina, god bless her, is a horndog even in death. Wearing Aunt Tara's red necklace, she alleges that Danny was her killer: "The long hair, the menacing eyes, the strong murderous hands... It was creepy at the time. But now, hot."

Green Grove's Fall Festival is nigh, and concerned citizens are grumbling about the possible attendance of Danny. Jo's relationship with her police chief dad is tense—and gets tenser when Jo invites Danny to the Fall Fest formal as her date.

So, Fall Fest is like prom plus a street fair? I'm down. I wish it were autumn. I want to drink hot cider and wear sweaters and whatever else comes with it not being 95 degrees outside.

Jo and Danny volunteer (i.e., Jo signs them both up) to help Rico fundraise for the mathletes by selling "pi pies." Watching Danny interact with Rico's geeky teammates is delightful. He asks one what they need the money for. He nervously squawks, "Travel costs... hotel rooms... note cards?"

One of the aforementioned concerned citizens is so enraged by the sight of Danny at the Festival that he pushes him into the booth, destroying a solid chunk of the mathletes' supply. Keep the desserts out of it, buddy.

Karen Desai (DENISE RICHARDS) meets with Danny's psychiatrist, and it seems that even she might doubt her son's innocence—or at least his mental health.

As a favor to Regina's mom, Lacey answers mail addressed to her late friend. She opens one envelope to find hundreds of dollars in cash and a suspicious note referring to a "deal."

Danny's reception at the formal isn't exactly warm, especially when he's selected to participate in an apple-tossing contest with the aforementioned aforementioned concerned citizen. But Danny and Jo (who's clearly crushing, y'all) do manage to have a good time. Their jokey fast dance to "La Bomba" morphs into a decidedly unjokey slow dance to "Sea of Love," as Chief Masterson and friendzoned Rico look on in disgust and depression, respectively. As moody Rico walks home alone, he sees Karen Desai toss the infamous necklace into a river.

Rather than turn in the letter to the police, Lacey shows it to Danny. She's worried about tainting the town's fond memory of Regina. Then all of a sudden they kiss oh my god and then they kiss again oh my god you guys.

Classic Denise Richards line of the week: "What are the signs that someone is a sociopath? ...So that I can explain why Danny isn't one."

Image via ABC Family