Funny Wyoming Caucus Memes & Jokes Are All About Bernie Sanders' Momentum

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders may still be trailing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Democratic delegate count, but as far as his supporters are concerned, he is on a roll. Most recently, Sanders edged out Clinton for a win in Saturday's Wyoming caucus, his seventh victory in a row over Clinton. The memes and jokes that followed the Wyoming results celebrated the momentum that Sanders has recently developed — or, if you will, the bern that Sanders is spreading.

Sanders picked up nearly 56 percent of the vote in Wyoming on Saturday, but he actually split the state's delegates with Clinton. Each candidate received seven of Wyoming's 14 pledged delegates, a bounty that didn't necessarily make or break either candidate. Still, Sanders' supporters took to Twitter to share their excitement over the win. After wins in Washington, Wisconsin, Alaska, and elsewhere in recent weeks, Sanders' campaign has been abuzz with talk of momentum. According to CNN, Sanders has won eight of the last nine contests between the Democratic candidates. If his momentum continues, it couldn't have come at a better time for the candidate. Although he has trailed throughout the race, delegate-rich states lie ahead, including New York, Pennsylvania, and California. Clearly, Sanders' supporters intend for this momentum to carry the Democratic socialist candidate through those contests as well.

Sanders' momentum may have been widely celebrated by supporters after Saturday's caucus, but the true results of the day didn't exactly benefit the candidate very much. Although he won the vote, he split the state's 14 pledged delegates with his opponent. It would seem, then, that Clinton may have her own momentum brewing once again.