Damn Daniel's Shoes At MTV Were Just Right

On Feb. 15, the world was graced with a 30-second video that turned California kid Daniel Lara into a viral internet sensation. As for Damn Daniel at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, well, he and Joshua Holz — aka the friend responsible for endlessly praising old Danny Boy in their joint video, sported something mildly expected, but no less rad. As Hollywood Life reported, Damn Daniel wore crisp white Vans on the MTV red carpet, while Holz kept things classic in black and white sneakers by the same brand.

ICYMI, Damn Daniel, the video, features Holz repeatedly complimenting Lara's sartorial prowess, uttering, you guessed it, "Damn Daniel," in a high pitch tone at every new ensemble. Holz seems particularly smitten with Lara's white Vans throughout. The video — which has now amassed over 450,000 shares on Twitter alone, skyrocketed the duo into the limelight, where they've stayed ever since. And since the vibe of the MTV Movie Awards — and everything MTV does, TBH — is pretty "casual cool," what better opportunity to sport the white Vans partially responsible for making you internet-famous, right?

Damn Daniel paired his kicks with a short-sleeved gray hoodie and ripped black jeans — all very California skater.

You just can't go wrong with a classic, right?