All About Rebel Wilson's MTV Movie Awards Date

There were lots of winners at Saturday night's MTV Movie Awards, but I'm going to say that Rebel Wilson was the most successful of them all. Not only did the star win an award for Best Kiss with her Pitch Perfect 2 co-star, Adam Devine, she also had the dreamiest arm candy on the red carpet. But just who is Hugh Sheridan? Wilson's MTV Movie Awards date earned plenty of attention at the show, but why was he there in the first place? And more importantly, are he and Wilson dating, or just friends?

Sheridan is actually a popular television actor in Australia, having performed in the beloved shows Packed to the Rafters and The Divorce. In March, it was announced that he'll be joining another sitcom, an ensemble story called House Husbands that is in its fifth season, according to TV Tonight. Sheridan is clearly not just a friend of Wilson's lucky enough to attend the MTV Movie Awards and take selfies with The Rock — he's a star on his own, with plenty of reason to be on a red carpet.

And, like Wilson, Sheridan is famous for more than just one talent. He is a member of a three-part band called the California Crooners Club, and the group is fresh off an Australian tour, according to the Herald Sun. In October, the band made their debut performance at the launch of Rebel Wilson's fashion line, Torrid; at the event, the actors joined together to sing "One Fine Day", which Sheridan shared in a recent Throwback Thursday.

But the duo's relationship doesn't seem to go further than that. It looks like Wilson and Sheridan are just friends who decided to have a good time at the MTV Movie Awards together. That said, though, if Sheridan and his chiseled jawline want to appear at more events alongside Wilson, I, for one, won't be complaining — he's certainly a welcome addition to Hollywood's red carpets.