Only One Jenner Sis Is At The MTV Movie Awards

The MTV Movie Awards always feature plenty of celebrities, and the 2016 show was no exception. Taped on Saturday but airing on Sunday, the show featured a red carpet filled with many major stars, but contrary to many Hollywood events, only one Jenner sibling was there — Kendall. Where was Kylie Jenner at the MTV Movie Awards? It seems that w hole Kendall walked the red carpet in a black Balmain high-low dress and some high-laced stiletto heels, sister Kylie opted to skip the show and hang out with friends, while wearing the most comfy-looking orange sweatshirt.

Although Kylie wasn't present at the show, Kendall certainly wasn't alone. The star walked the red carpet with BFFs Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, who both wore black suits to the occasion. Kylie, though, had a more low key Saturday night with no red carpets involved. According to her Snapchat, the star wore a jumbo orange sweatshirt, black leggings, and shoes that presumably do not strap all the way up her legs like Kendall's. Some snaps showed her dancing with friends in cool underwater lights at what looks like a house party, while others showed Kylie driving around in a car and singing along to the stereo. It just shows that the younger Jenner sis knows how to have a good time, even without all that Hollywood glamour.

Still, it would've been nice to see both Jenners on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet. Perhaps next year, the sisters — and maybe their entire famous fam — will choose to show up, and make the 2017 show definitely worth watching.