Get To Know This "Damn Daniel" Star

Getting too old to keep up with the amount of burgeoning internet celebrities these days? Same here, but don't worry. As the High School Musical kids would say, we're all in this together. If you're scratching your head watching the MTV Movie Awards red carpet, trying to put a face to a name, I've got you, especially when it comes to one red carpet-walking celeb. In today's installment of "Who the heck is that?," I answer the question, "Who is Josh Holz?" — because you've probably been hearing a heck of a lot about him lately, and may have even caught a glimpse of him at Saturday night's pre-taped awards.

Holz is someone you already most definitely know... without knowing it. Have you watched the viral "Damn, Daniel!" video? Because, if you have, you should know that Holz is the mastermind behind it. While Daniel and his white vans may have stolen the show, they'd be nowhere without Holz's comedic inclination, attention getting voice, and his snapchat savvy. More simply put, Josh Holz is the very dude who mans the camera and screams, "Damn, Daniel!" repeatedly.

Luckily for us, Ellen Degeneres is hipper than most, and she had both Holz and Daniel Lara on her show recently to talk about the viral video, which you can check out below:

Actually, Degeneres is where Holz's MTV Movie Awards connection comes into play. It appears that he and Lara may very well be the new Sophia Grace and Rosie, acting as the comedian's young yet incredibly famous, correspondents.

He and Lara even got to man the Allegiant premiere red carpet for Snapchat, as well.

And, if that wasn't enough, the 16 and 14 year olds, respectively, got their own Teen Vogue fashion video. My high school self is absolutely seething with envy. I can just feel it.

Now's a great time to get to know Holz and Lara, because it's clear both stars aren't going anywhere.

Image: NBC Universal