MTV Movie Awards Break The Mold By Going Outside

As everyone knows, MTV loves to be the rebel network. So it should be no surprise that that the 2016 MTV Movie Awards is doing things a little differently — it was pre-taped on Saturday night at the Warner Bros. Studio backlot outside. Yes, outside and not a theater soundstage. So are the 2016 MTV Movie Awards all outside? According to a Variety report from February, the show's executive producer, Casey Patterson said the show will be out in the open lot. "We are doing the show entirely outside so that we get as many fans packed in as possible in a festival way, which will be super exciting and never done before."

Variety reported that the 2016 MTV Movie Awards are the first award ceremony to be filmed across a backlot. It's actually part of the reason that they network decided to go with a pre-taped show instead of a traditionally live awards show. "We want to take advantage of all the drama of the backlot at night under the stars," Patterson told Variety. “We’re going right where movies are made and we’re making this show right in the heart of that. We want to celebrate all the films of the year in a really theatrical way, and this space really allows us to do that.”

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since Patterson said they wanted the sky outside to be dark during the show, that ruled out taping in the West Coast afternoon during the day, which is how most award shows are filmed. Thus, the MTV Movie Awards will air taped for everyone. So far, this outdoors award show thing is pretty cool. Hosts Kevin Hart and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson rode into the show Mad Max: Fury Road-style (which could not have been done indoors) and the set seems to be super sprawling, with the audience sitting all around the stage.

Perhaps MTV will be starting a trend with this whole new outdoor award show thing. You never know.