The One Quote Of The MTV Movie Awards To Remember

Charlize Theron kicked off the MTV Movie Awards with a pretty inspirational bang. She accepted the first Golden Popcorn of the night for Best Female Performance for playing Imperator Furiosa, the feminist action hero of our time, in Mad Max: Fury Road. Theron's Furiosa stole the show from Mad Max himself, Tom Hardy, and the world will be forever grateful. It's fitting, then, Charlize Theron's MTV Movie Awards speech was empowering and kickass, and included the one quote from the MTV Movie Awards that you need to remember.

Theron seemed thrilled to accept her award, especially among her very own "War Boys" — characters from Mad Max who helped hosts Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson make their grand entrance. But, for all the pyrotechnics and creepy guys painted white, Theron didn't let the theatrics keep her from making a hugely important statement. "The story of Fury Road is in part [a] story of the power of women and the power to create our own destinies," Theron said to massive applause. The actress also thanked her son and gave a special shout out to her daughter, adding, "Tonight, I accept this award on behalf of my own Furiosa, my daughter, August Simone, and on behalf of all the Furiosas out there." You can watch her speech from the MTV Movie Awards, which were pre-taped on Saturday night, below.

Furiosa forever!