Kara & Alex Have A New Conflict On 'Supergirl'

Myriad, a mind-control technology that Kryptonians are using on Supergirl to allegedly solve global crises on Earth, seems as if it is designed for the greater good. However, Non insists on making it personal for Kara Zor-El again and again. While his partner Indigo would rather just kill Astra's niece, Non kidnapped Alex Danvers on Supergirl and put her under the spell.

Alex was initially off with J'onn in search of her father, but the Myriad breakout drew her back to National City. I guess Jeremiah Danvers' rescue mission will have to wait until Season 2, because Alex wasn't going to leave her sister alone. Unfortunately, Indigo got to her first and took her to Non. At the end of the episode, a newly mind-controlled Alex confronted Kara.

She was wearing some kind of super suit and the Kryptonite lightsaber that killed General Astra. How poetic. Kara initially refused to harm her sister, but Non sent Alex in for the attack, giving her little choice. "Kill her or let her kill you," he threatened. Now they're forced to fight, at least so that Kara can hold her off before either getting help or stopping Myriad. How much do you want to bet that Non is going to use everything he knows about Kara and Alex's relationship to try and get at Kara's emotions while he's controlling Alex?

From an action perspective, it will be at least a little fun to see these two characters fight on a similar playing field. The sisters have had a rocky couple of months, maybe even years, but at least we can chalk this fight up to mind control. Forget James Olsen or even Cat Grant, Kara and Alex's relationship is the core of the whole Supergirl series, and it's going to take more than an alien's tricks to force them apart this time.

Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS