Spring's Most Instagrammable Beauty Products

Remember the days you'd buy your favorite eyeshadow palette and stow it away in your makeup drawer for no one to see? Me neither. As a beauty fanatic — and a millennial — the first thing that comes to mind when I lay my eyes on a new, super-chic product is how I'll display it on the 'gram for my followers. And since I've tapped into an online, makeup-obsessed community, I feel more obligated than ever to post beautiful beauty products on Instagram. Of course, what's inside is still important, too — these good-looking containers happen to hold brilliant formulas beneath the A+ packaging.

With spring in full force, you know the photo opportunities will be endless. There are bright, blooming flowers, skimpy new wardrobe staples, and most importantly, spankin' new beauty products. I'm talking about ones that are beautiful, luxurious, colorful, and well... Instagrammable. From bold, in-your-face neon lipsticks to hot pink ombré blushes, there's plenty to 'gram here. We've teamed up with Venus Swirl to show you the prettiest products on the market that are bound to get more than a few likes.

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