9 Coconut Oil Uses That Will Literally Change Your Life— VIDEO

What smells amazing, has a thousand uses, and is completely edible? You guessed it — coconut oil. These days, so many beauty products claim to be cure-alls, yet this kitchen cabinet staple is the only one that even comes close. When it comes to skin and hair care, it's no secret that coconut oil does basically everything.

But did you know that this "Jack of all trades" product can also be a dewy highlighter? Also, if you're hitting the town for a girls' night out, you can enhance your smoky eye by dabbing it onto your lid for a super-slick look. But that's just the start. The versatility of coconut oil makes it so easy to reap an abundant amount of health benefits and make your life a whole lot easier.

So head on over to your local grocery store, pick up a jar of coconut oil (or the fruit itself), and start getting creative with it from head to toe. Use it to take off your makeup, use it to put it on, or just slather it all over and wait for your no-longer-dry-skin to thank you. In partnership with Venus Swirl, here are nine awesome ways to use this natural superfood.

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