New Neil Patrick Harris Music Video Contains All Your Future GIFs

Oh you ole scallywag, you, Neil Patrick Harris! Apparently the How I Met Your Mother star and general all-around entertainer and doer of things of the highest order has a hard time catching a Zzz or two — just like the rest of us. So NPH is starring in a new music video alongside rapper Problem and crooner Asher Monroe, which is a love song to the often under-appreciated and greatest first love of the human race: sleep. What resulted is a 2:20 video with at least 30 GIFable moments held within its confines. Go do your job, Internet: the power of GIF compels you!

What this actually is, though, is an advertisement for a sleep aid beverage (yes that is a real thing but go ahead and re-read it once more just to make sure) called Neuro SLEEP. Apparently all it takes is a few sips of the nocturnal beverage and you, too, will be swept off your feet and given a one-way ticket to la-la land, or whatever you call your nighttime dreamscape.

NPH is apparently so hard-up for the stuff that he's resorted to cheap romance cliches to will the bottle into his hand and down his gullet. Guess that's what happens when you're busy with your day job (HIMYM), your side job (making movies with your friend Seth MacFarlane), your night job (starring in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway), and your life job (raising the cutest family alive with your handsome man, David Burtka).

Always doing the funny business, this one: and with such commitment and GIF-worthy pizzaz!

Image: Neuro