This Is The New Perfect Gift For Writers

It's not that readers are hard to shop for (duh, books!), but when that literary pal you have has already maxed out every square inch of bookshelf space (and floor space), you need a new idea for a perfect gift for writers and book nerds. Luckily, Custom Litographs' new Kickstarter has exactly what you're looking for. Before, you could print text from Pride & Prejudice, Moby-Dick, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, or other of your favorite classic books on scarves and t-shirts making a super-cool fashion statement. Now, writers can put their own work on their attire.

Four years ago, Litographs launched its first collection of literary-themed t-shirts. The company expanded into offering posters, totes, and more, featuring the words of nearly 200 contemporary and classic authors. As of Tuesday, Litographs is calling all writers, journalists, poets, and playwrights to back its new Kickstarter page and receive their favorite unique, personal work on a custom t-shirt or infinity scarf.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose between an infinity scarf or a t-shirt (though, come on, you're definitely getting both)
  2. Upload your own work, or select a book from its extensive library if you want to go traditional
  3. Customize your fashion statement by choosing a font, font color, and font size
  4. Wait impatiently for it to arrive

I'm already brimming with amazing ideas for what can go on the t-shirts and scarves. Newlyweds can put their wedding vows or ceremony readings. Send your partner a love letter or poem in a far, far cooler way. Give your sister her kid's hilarious grade-school writing, crazy spellings and all. Commemorate the first essay you ever published. Ensure your dissertation sees the light of day and doesn't live solely at the back of your campus library.

For $30, you can choose from the books already in Litographs' library, but for $40 you can make your own unique statement piece. (Though watch for the early-bird discount!) You can expect delivery for August 2016. On its first day the Kickstarter already has two-thirds of its $15,000 goal raised.

Images: Courtesy of Litographs