Mariah Carey's New Music Video for "You're Mine" Will Make Fans Happy & Inspire Haters

Mariah Carey's upcoming May 6 release of her fourteenth studio album, The Art of Letting Go , is a huge milestone for the 43-year-old singer, and the singles that she's released from the album thus far have a slightly sexier, mature feel. So when she debuted her latest single on Wednesday, 'You're Mine," which has a romantic vibe just in time for Valentine's Day, I wondered what the video would be like. Carey garnered lots of comments from jealous haters (let's be real) when she performed in a low-cut gown at the 2014 BET Honors in Washington, D.C., so fans wondered if she was going to keep the sexy momentum up with her new video. On Wednesday, Mariah Carey's music video for "You're Mine" was released, and I was a bit surprised.

Usually, the phenomenal diva rocks vintage lingerie, a bikini, or a gown in her videos, but "You're Mine" is a bit different. Carey plays a glittery goddess/earthy mermaid of sorts, and I'm loving it. The video is a bit toned down from her usual glamorous ones.

Here, she's very natural (and covered in gold glitter), but covers up her chest with her arms the whole time, while sitting atop a rock and singing to Trey Songz. Carey even goes for a swim in a sparkling netted gown, fit for a woodland goddess, with her long locks flowing. Does she look bad from ANY angle? Nope. Haters can say what they want about Mariah Carey, but she's gorgeous and talented and this video shows that off perfectly.

Mariah tweeted:

You can watch the "You're Mine" video here until its official world premiere tonight on MTV at 7:50 p.m. E.T.

Image: Getty Images