'American Idol's Jordan Brisbane Was Unfairly Under Our Noses the Whole Time — VIDEO

Between tallying the number of times the judges called the contestants "baby" and J. Lo's crying fits, we successfully made it through the first half of the top 30 contestants on American Idol . The end of American Idol's Hollywood Week culminated into two parts, the first of which debuted Wednesday night: we now know the 17 contestants who've made it to the next round. While Bustle's predictions have come true thus far with Sam Woolf, Dexter Roberts, and Alex Preston moving onto the next round, some new finalists seem to have snuck right in under our noses — namely, Jordan Brisbane.

When Brisbane was called into the judge's room to hear his fate, we hardly recognized who he was. Shame on you, American Idol, for stealing his airtime. Thankfully, there was a compilation of his performances on the show thus far that caught us up right before we heard the final decision.

At only 16 years old, the judges reminded him that he has not faced rejection yet in his life. Fortunately for Brisbane — and for us — he wasn't going to face rejection on American Idol, either. He was admitted through as one of the nine final male finalists so far.

While we're disappointed that we didn't notice him before, we're thankful Brisbane finally got the time on the show that he deserves. He claimed at his audition that he has "what it takes to shut the American Idol series down." After hearing him sing Bruno Mars' "When I Was Your Man," and Beyonce's "Halo," during Hollywood Week, it's clear that he really does have the vocal potential to shut out of the competition. Combined with his confidence and adorable disposition, we're sure America will shut down, too — and vote. Knock 'em dead, Jordan.

Image: Fox