What Happens When You Read NSFW Books In Public

I know the e-reader vs physical book debate can get seriously heated, but I have just one e-reader pro to throw into the mix: nobody can see what you're reading. Because, as comedian Scott Rogowsky discovered, if you read embarrassing books on the subway — people will laugh at you. Behind your back.

In this viral video, Rogowsky tested out what would happen if he brought fake book covers on the New York subway, with embarrassing titles deliberately designed to raise a few eyebrows. The results were hilarious: as soon as his fellow subway passengers noticed Rogowsky was reading books with titles like How To Hold A Fart In , Slut-Shaming Your Baby or Definitely Not Porn So What Are You Looking At? Mind Your Own Business — they just did not know how to react.

This isn't the first ridiculous stunt that Scott Rogowsky has pulled: he's also tried flirting with girls using scripted pick-up lines, and letting his parents help him out on Tinder. He's obviously not afraid to humiliate himself a little — which is lucky, because everyone who rode the subway with him that morning definitely thought he was a little bizarre.

Upon seeing what he was reading, reactions ranged from intrigue... disapproval... restrained giggles... outright scoffs.

Check out the full (NSFW) video in all its glory right here:

Images: The Chortle/YouTube