From 'New Girl's Schmidt to Shoshanna from 'Girls,' 9 TV Crossover Couples That Need to Happen

While Valentine's Day is reserved for couples and friends alike who want to share each other's company on this, I don't know, "festival of love," some of us have a different idea of what's romantic. Since we can't control our fate in real life, let's fantasize about the perfect pairings television has to offer, because TV is, after all, our one true love.

Of all the shows on TV right now, we can't seem to understand why the writers would put some duos together when there are much better options in store. In honor of the holiday, we are taking matters into our own hands by playing matchmaker to the most beloved characters on television today. It doesn't matter what show they're on, these pairs are meant to be together.

Here are 9 crossover couples that need to happen. Image: Fox

Marnie from 'Girls'

Right now, Marnie is broke and sad. Plus, she’s so needy, controlling, and emotionally unstable that she could stand to be around someone who has their life together. The perfect man for her to go on a date with would be….

Image: HBO

Dr. Jackson Avery from 'Grey's Anatomy'

Dr. Jackson Avery from Grey’s Anatomy. His established career could inspire Marnie to get her life back on track. (His six pack doesn’t hurt, either.)

Image: ABC

Mellie from 'Scandal'

Mellie is in a loveless marriage with the President, who openly cheats on her with Olivia Pope. Needless to say, she hasn’t had any form of romance and probably zero sexual activity in quite some time. She’s an incredibly smart woman and a former lawyer who needs someone hot who will also stimulate her mind. We have the perfect person.

Image: ABC

Dr. William Masters from 'Masters of Sex'

Who better than the master of sex himself, Dr. William Masters. He’s a doctor who knows a thing or two about an orgasm. He can certainly turn up the heat in the White House while also having an intelligent conversation.

Image: Showtime

President Fitzgerald Grant from 'Scandal'

While we hope his wife Mellie will start getting busy with Dr. Masters, President Fitzgerald is wasting Olivia Pope’s time with his inability to make a decision in his romantic life. While Pope can be tough in every other area of her life, she can’t put her foot down when it comes to Mr. President. You know who we think would whip him right back into shape and stop him with all of this wishy-washy nonsense?

Image: ABC

Gloria from 'Modern Family'

Gloria. While we don’t know how much good she would do in the White House in terms of legitimate political affairs, she will certainly remind Grant where his—ahem, cajones—are.

Image: ABC

Carrie Mathison from 'Homeland'

Carrie hasn’t exactly had a lucky run in love. Her past two lovers died and she has quite an overwhelming job. While we can’t think of the perfect person for her to go out with, we can think of someone who will do quite nicely for her.

Image: Showtime

Will Graham from 'Hannibal'

Will Graham would be a great match for Mathison, not only because of their similar jobs and skill sets, but also for the fact that the two actors are dating in real life. C’monnnnn so cute!

Image: NBC

Dr. Cristina Yang from 'Grey's Anatomy'

Cristina is a tough cookie. She’s one of the smartest surgeons on Grey’s Anatomy and she knows it. She needs someone who can match her energy and drive. We know the guy for her.

Image: ABC

Ray Donovan from 'Ray Donovan'

Ray Donovan. Much like Dr. Yang, Donovan knows the answer to everything and can fix any problem. If these two got together, they would be the ultimate power couple— both in and out of the bedroom.

Image: Showtime

Emily from 'Pretty Little Liars'

Emily has always been the sugar of all of her previous relationships. She needs someone with a bit of spice. You know who she would be perfect with?

Image: ABC Family

Santana from 'Glee'

Santana from Glee. Plus, they’d be the most gorgeous couple on the planet, so there’s that.

Image: Fox

Shoshana from 'Girls'

Oh, Shosh. She’s so incredibly lost, and yet, so incredibly endearing. Between hooking up with guys that are too old for her (Ray) and too young for her (some rando college dude), she would better fit with someone who understands her personality and is closer to her in age.

Image: HBO

Schmidt from 'New Girl'

How about Schmidt from New Girl? They would totes be able to bond over the random thoughts they’re always spurting out.Image: Fox

Katherine Pierce from 'The Vampire Diaries'

The leading vixen of The Vampire Diaries would benefit from dating someone just as bad as she is. Plus, she needs a break from the vampire crowd. How about…

Image: CW

Captain Hook from 'Once Upon a Time'

Captain Hook. With this fairytale villain with the face of a chiseled god, these two would have quite a fun time together stirring up some trouble.

Image: ABC

Cyrus from 'Scandal'

Cyrus thinks he’s the boss, but he’s been behaving badly lately in the White House on Scandal. He needs a man that will whip him into shape and his current boyfriend isn’t really cutting it.

Image: ABC

Captain Ray Holt from 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Captain Ray Holt would make a great partner (if he ever become single, that is.) He’s got it together and can show Cyrus how to truly run the White House. After all, he is a police captain in Brooklyn. He’s seen some crazy shit already.

Image: Fox