From 'New Girl's Schmidt to Shoshanna from 'Girls,' 9 TV Crossover Couples That Need to Happen

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While Valentine's Day is reserved for couples and friends alike who want to share each other's company on this, I don't know, "festival of love," some of us have a different idea of what's romantic. Since we can't control our fate in real life, let's fantasize about the perfect pairings television has to offer, because TV is, after all, our one true love.

Of all the shows on TV right now, we can't seem to understand why the writers would put some duos together when there are much better options in store. In honor of the holiday, we are taking matters into our own hands by playing matchmaker to the most beloved characters on television today. It doesn't matter what show they're on, these pairs are meant to be together.

Here are 9 crossover couples that need to happen. Image: Fox

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