Can You Buy All 3 Metal Mattes At Once? They Are Bundled Just Like The Glosses

It’s always a guessing game with Kylie Jenner. She tends to do things like, you know, announce that the metallic matte shades will launch on April 15th and not give the time. So, there’s no way of ever knowing what she’s up to. Will you be able to shop all three Metal Matte shades at once in a bundle? You will be able to if you're quick enough! The last time she launched three new colors at the same time, you could scoop them all up by only pressing the “Add To Cart” button once, and the same thing is happening this time around.

It seems as though a lot of Kylie Cosmetics fans like to buy in bulk, and with three colors this shiny and gorgeous, why wouldn’t you want to? When the option to buy three colors at one time first became available with the glosses, it was the first thing to sell out, and Jenner apparently took note.

These metallic mattes are more like the glosses (aside from the whole texture thing) than they are the other matte lipsticks because they don’t seem to come with a lip liner. They’re even packaged just like the glosses, and they’re priced similarly, as well, ringing in at only $18. Thank goodness they followed in the glosses’ footsteps in terms of bundle-buying, too!

This release seems very similar to the glosses launch.

In terms of packaging, color scheme and more.

So, we can only hope we'll be able to snag all of these shades easily.

Just like we were able to with "Like," "Literally," and "So Cute."

Fingers crossed that you'll be sporting these shimmery stunners in bulk very, very soon.

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Image: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1)