How To Help Victims Of The Japan Earthquakes

In a matter of days, Japan has been rocked by two deadly earthquakes. The country was first hit on Thursday, when a 6.2-magnitude quake rattled the city of Ueki in the southern part of the country, killing nine people. Friday, a 6.0 quake hit near Uto. And then Saturday, the biggest quake of the bunch, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake, hit the Kyushu region near the city of Kumamoto, killing at least 26 people. Rescuers, plagued by bad weather, are struggling to locate survivors that could be trapped in the rubble. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can help the victims of the Japan earthquakes.

The first earthquake on Thursday, according to CNN, was a foreshock to the crippling quake on Saturday. Between the earthquakes, residents have been dealing with aftershocks and mudslides, which have further complicated rescue efforts. The Kumamoto government has opened up 100 evacuation centers for the 92,000 people who have been displaced by the quake.

This is one of the biggest natural disasters to hit the country since the 2011 earthquake that devastated Tohoku. Many earthquake relief funds popped up to help victims of that disaster, raising over $14 million to help the victims and rebuilding efforts. Although this quake isn't as big and will hopefully not have similar lasting effects, there are already a few ways to help out.


AAR Japan

The Association for Aid and Relief, Japan, which was founded in 1979 in Japan, works with countries around the globe in disaster relief. Now, it's all coming back home. When you donate, you can enter "Kumamoto earthquake" in the text field if you'd like your funds to go directly to those victims and relief efforts.

Peace Winds America

Peace Winds America is a disaster preparedness and response organization that focuses on the Asia Pacific. Although they don't have a specific field set up for the Kumamoto earthquake, you have the option to give "where it is needed most." Note that they do have a Japan disaster recovery fund, but that money focuses on the continuing rebuilding from the 2011 earthquake. Another worthy cause, to be sure, but it can be confusing if you'd like to specifically give to the 2016 victims.

Save The Children

Save The Children, which focuses on the needs of kids in disaster relief, posted this emergency alert:

Save the Children stands ready to help survivors of the 2016 Japan Earthquake. In the early chaotic times after immediately after disaster strikes, we don’t know always know what help will be needed, but we do stand ready to respond to the unmet needs of children. You can help. Your donation today to the Children’s Emergency Fund will be dedicated for the earthquake should a response needed. Otherwise, your gift will help us prepare and respond to other urgent crises.

Needless to say, they're ready to help.