Where To Buy Official Pokemon Lingerie So Your Panties Can Be The Very Best

Are you still secretly (or heck, maybe not so secretly) obsessed with all things Pokémon? Well, I'm about to tell you where to buy Pokémon lingerie so you can not only "catch 'em all," but WEAR THEM ALL. Yes friends, Pikachu panties are about to straight up be a thing.

As reported by Refinery29, the Pokémon Company is releasing an officially licensed lingerie line to honor the brand's 20th anniversary. Obviously, when it comes to Pikachu, a mere birthday cake won't do!

The collection will be available online April 20 through Yummy Mart, a branch of the Japanese online retailer Peach John. You can order internationally online, and the site is easy to navigate for us English-speakers, despite being all in Japanese. Otherwise, if you're lucky enough to be in Tokyo, Yummy Mart's shop in Shibuya will also carry the collection.

The line features a slew of cozy pajama pieces so that the ultimate Pokemon fanatic can have the sweetest dreams ever. The line is very Pikachu-centric, though, so hopefully that's your favorite Pokemon!

Below are promo pics of the pieces that you'll be able to shop online soon. And, considering how cute they are, I suspect the pieces will sell out fast!

1. Adorable Boxer Shorts

The tank, makeup bag, and sleep mask are all cute, BUT THOSE POKEBALL SHORTS!!!

2. Pikachu Blanket Cape

It's like the ultimate snuggie.

3. Undies And More

Soon you can shop all this Pokemon bliss!

Images: Courtesy of YummyMart