Twitter Users Reminisce About The Past With #IFeelOldWhen

What makes you feel old? Is it knowing what making a "mix tape" actually entails? Is it seeing your childhood idols go gray? Is it realizing people born in the year 2000 are actually out there driving on the roads?! Right now, Twitter users are reminiscing about their descent into older age with the trending hashtag #IFeelOldWhen, and it's way relatable for anyone past their mid-twenties.

There's no set time when you start feeling "old," but maybe the early signs of it begin in college, particularly if you venture back home and happen to hit up your old middle school or high school and see how ridiculously young everyone looks. Sometimes it's distinctly physical, like if you throw your back out after helping someone move, or get your first REAL adult hangover. Sometimes it's even presented to you from the outside by, say, TimeHop, when you find out WTF you were doing 10 YEARS AGO and it wasn't, like, getting your braces off. But whatever it is, it's not always bad, because it's kind of fun to watch trends come and go and realize you can live through normcore TWICE in your life and still live to tell the tale.

Images: Unsplash; Twitter