Gay Couple Receives A Terrible Wedding RSVP & The Community's Response Is On Point

Though we've come so incredibly far in terms of LGBTQ+ acceptance, now and again we're confronted with particularly heinous moments that remind us how far we still need to go. Namely, a gay couple received a terrible wedding invitation response, and though many, many people are rallying in their support, what was said in the letter is deeply troubling and indicative of the problematic way many people still think.

For Keith and Chad of Canton Ohio, an invitation to one of the most sacred and beautiful days of their lives was returned with a typed letter from a mystery guest (kudos to them for being classy and not including the name — though guys, you totally could have). Essentially, it opens by informing the couple that they sent an invitation to "the wrong people," and goes on to explain that they are not supported the way they think they are, that it's "not normal" for two men to marry — a "sin," in fact — and because of their poor choice to invite these anti-supporters, they will be met with protesters on their big day.

The whole thing is as vile, threatening, ignorant and delusional as it sounds, but the reality that Keith and Chad are facing now is that there very well may be protesters and other hate-filled individuals present at their day to celebrate their love for one another. This is precisely why so many people have been reaching out to them with messages of support. It's likely that their special day will be so filled with guests that love them (and perhaps those who are willing to do their part in fending off protesters) it will be an even more profound celebration than it already was!

Keith and Chad told Cleveland 19 News that they were shocked by the letter, but it left them even more determined to go through with their ceremony. After meeting 9 years ago, they've been through their fair share of trials and tribulations as a couple. It seems dealing with ignorant people is part of their norm (which is profoundly unfortunate, let us just note now).

Regardless, they are going to persevere — they spoke about their plans for the dream day, including hand-made gifts for guests, a hand-painted wooden cake stand, and a blue and gold color scheme. The wedding will be held on a private property, which means that unless said protesters want to drive 100 miles, they're out of luck (I won't put that past them, but still).

There's some more good news, too: after the letter began to go viral, a church local to the town where Chad and Keith live will be hosting a card shower for them — which, according to Hallmark, is "the organized sending of a large number of greeting cards to a single person or group. The idea has been popular for years, relying on things like word-of-mouth, community newspapers and church bulletin boards to spread the message." Goes to show that love is always going to be louder than hate.

Images: Pexels