Austin Mahone 'Live from MTV' To Stream On Valentine's Day & Mahomies Should Celebrate Accordingly

What’re you doing for Valentine’s Day? Cancel your plans. Cancel them right now. Flip the bird at those plans and never look back. Why? Because Live From MTV, duh. "What's that?" you ask. Oh, just Austin Mahone on an live stream. Yes, the 17-year-old pop sensation/FlavorSplash Digital and Brand Specialist is going live. But it's not a concert, it's a chat! This isn't his first time stepping into the Live From MTV arena, but it is his first Valentine's Day live stream. Consider the stakes raised.

"When?!?!?!" you panic-ask. Feb. 14 at 4 p.m. ET, my friend. (Oh! I guess that shouldn't cut into your dinner/whatever time after all. You don’t have to cancel. I got a little carried away. My apologies.) "WHERE?!?!?!?!?!" you scream-ask., my friend. "WOOO!" you cheer. You know it, my friend.

For 30 minutes, the singer will hang out with some Mahomies and take questions from an audience! He'll be reading tweets, too! All of it will be live! And on the Internet! Does that sound like a rollicking good time to you? Duh doye. Happy Mahonentine's Day to you. (Not my best work, but I'm committing to it.)

In the promo, Mahone asks, “Need a date for Valentine’s Day? I’m your man.” Don't stand him up, folks.

Image: Getty Images