5 Surprising And Cool Uses For Q-tips, From Stylist LaTonya Yvette

I have kept Q-tips in a cabinet in my bathroom for as long as I can remember. In fact, each bathroom in every apartment or house I’ve ever lived in over the course of almost 30 years on this good planet has been outfitted with a substantial stash. My mother — and her mother before her — have done the same, so, yeah, you could say it's a bit of a tradition. But it also illustrates the reliability and versatility of the product. Think about it — even though times and trends change, there are so many uses for Q-tips that three generations of women have relied on them enough to make them a staple in their homes. And today, Q-tips remain as effective as ever. They're great for applying makeup, doing manicures, home improvement projects, cleaning electronics, caring for minor cuts and scrapes, and so, so, SO much more. If you've got a task in mind, chances are a Q-tip could come in handy.

Bustle partnered with Q-tips and LaTonya Yvette to show five ways you can use them for arts and crafts, party planning, fashion and cleaning projects. As a stylist and Brooklynite mother of two, LaTonya, on her blog, explores topics related to motherhood, style, identity, and mindfulness. She frequently describes how her children experience the world around them, and encourages us to be just as in awe with the little things as they are — to appreciate how the smallest details make life beautiful.

And the following projects certainly represent how a tiny tool can do something amazing. Check out just a few of the ways Q-tips can make life easy, modern, fun and special.

If you wear jewelry every day, chances are it could use a good cleaning. Use Q-tips to make sure you get in every nook and cranny.

Next time you're planning a birthday party, use Q-tips to paint polka dots on the balloons to make them extra-special and extra-memorable.

To make the champagne toast extra special at a wedding, use Q-tips, glue, and glitter to add festive polka dots to the glasses!

If accessories that no one else has are your thing, check out how easy it is to use Q-tips and make your own beautiful scarf!

Some beauty palettes are on the bigger side and don't always fit in cute clutches. To be able to touch up your eye makeup on the go, dip some Q-tips in the shade you'll be wearing that day, tuck 'em in a baggie, and you're good to go!

Check out the stop motion video below to see the craft in action!

Photos by Lauren Perlstein

Makeup by Jamie Dorman

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