Bey & Kelly's Latest Reunion Pics are Everything

It isn't every day that Beyonce takes people for piggyback rides — Blue Ivy not included. It has to be a really special day. So who does Queen Bey find worthy enough to hop on her back for possibly the cutest photo ever? BFF Kelly Rowland, that's who. On Tuesday, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland reunited for Rowland's 33rd birthday, and it was EVERYTHING. Seriously. We'll take a semi-Destiny's Child reunion any damn day of the week. And this one took the cake... especially because it actually involved cake.

Rowland's ladies-only party was titled “Kelly’s Liquid Gold Fondue Party,” and filet mignon, crab-stuffed ravioli, fried tempura and cheese fondue was on the menu. Oh, and a gorgeous gold cake with an elephant on top.

However, it was the pictures from the party that are enough to inspire the awwwwww heard round the world. Beyonce posted some photos to her Tumblr, and all of the party pictures were titled "Happy Birthday Sis!" Um, can we get another awwwwww? Awwwww. In two of the snaps, Beyonce is wearing a ski cap, a "No Angel" shirt, and jeans, and has Rowland on her back, laughing with friends.

In another perfect picture, Bey and Rowland are hugging while facing toward each other and laughing uncontrollably. Dying. Whatever they're laughing about is probably worth $1 billion dollars and would make angels cry. The two have been close friends since childhood and seem to hang out regularly — even at karaoke bars. Beyonce, Rowland, and Jay Z hung out at one last month in Miami.

It just goes to show that no matter how famous you get, and no matter how much you are able to take over the world and successfully do so, you can always don a ski cap and hoist your best friend on your back for her birthday.

Solange Knowles was even there too, rocking blue eyeshadow. Hi, Solange!

Images: Getty Images; Beyonce/Instagram; Beyonce/Tumblr