Where Was Rihanna's "Needed Me" Music Video Filmed? The City Has A Starring Role — VIDEO

When I saw the newest video put out by our favorite Bahamanian beauty, the first thing in my mind was, "Thank you, oh thank you, for releasing this somewhere other than Tidal." And my second thought was, "Where was Rihanna's "Needed Me" shot, and can I go there right now?" The second part of that I can't help you with, because I don't have a credit card with a limit just begging me to send a bunch of strangers to farflung locations around the globe — sorry! — but I can tell you where it was filmed, so you still have a good reason to keep me around.

Rihanna has shot the video in such a way that the city is almost her co-star, showing it off beautifully with these big sweeping shots and incredible contrast to make the blues of the water almost blend in with the hazy skyline, punctuated with the pops of bright color of the other scenery. Maybe it's obvious to you just from that description, or you recognized some of the buildings, but we're talking Miami, baby. Rihanna shot "Needed Me" in the happening Florida city back in March.

Of course, it makes perfect sense now, with that panoramic view of the water from the glass-walled building where Rihanna was cavorting with that gun, and all the smoky club shots, and the bright neons. It really couldn't be any city but Miami, now that I think about it. Just take a look at the NSFW video and see for yourself.

RihannaVEVO on YouTube

Yup, it's official: Rihanna and Miami are my new favorite music video costars. Sorry Drake, but Miami just totally kills it in this video. No hard feelings, okay?

Image: VEVO/Rihanna Official