3 Makeover Results That Will Surprise You

Even though we’re all well aware that Photoshop is to the fashion industry what CGI is to the film industry, it still sucks to see the unattainable beauty standards it promotes presented as the ideal on every magazine cover and in every advertisement. But what if those unattainable beauty standards weren't the ideal? What if the un-photoshopped versions of these models and celebrities were — gasp — preferable? What if women were totally OK with the natural, non computer-generated way that they look? Buzzfeed conducted a little experiment that demonstrates that perhaps the real versions of women are the more attractive versions.

The Buzzfeed video opens with several women speaking about their physical imperfections and how they wish they could look like models. Been there, done that. The women then get the full supermodel treatment — full-blown makeovers (hair, makeup, clothing, the works), a professional photo shoot, and the services of a Photoshop pro to airbrush any imperfections out of their images. Then, they get to see photos of their “hot” new selves. The results will surprise you.

Upon seeing their magically flawless bodies, they came to the unanimous conclusion that they preferred how they looked pre-airbrushing. "Once you take away your imperfections, there’s not much left of who you really are,” says one woman. It's our imperfections that make us unique, and photoshop erases those distinctions.

Yes, subjects like poor body image among women are a little played out — lest we forget Dove Real Beauty Sketches. But Buzzfeed managed to take the topic to a different level, revealing that women may actually — what! – like the way they look.

Images: Buzzfeed