Layla Gets Closer To Avery On 'Nashville' & Juliette Is Keeping An Eye On Their Relationship

Things have been a little weird on Nashville in Juliette Barnes’ absence. Ever since she ran away to deal with her addictions and post partum depression, Layla has moved up into what I guess we could call the resident “bad girl” slot. Really, she found out about how Jeff died (Juliette was responsible) and vowed to get closer to Avery to get revenge on Juliette? At least I think that’s still what her endgame still is. Anyway, Juliette is back on Nashville , but Avery and Layla have been getting mighty cozy. Needless to say, Juliette is not pleased.

And why should she be? She’s trying to put every aspect of her pre-post partum life together, and Layla is in there, mucking it up and trying to take Juliette’s man. If I believed that Avery actually liked Layla, I would be okay with their pairing, but I’m a Javery gal through and through. After convincing Luke Wheeler to let her join his tour, Layla then convinced Avery to join her on the tour as her band leader. Layla’s pretty persuasive lately, huh? Juliette saw one of Avery and Layla’s performances and saw right away that their chemistry is pretty undeniable. But guess who else can play at that game? Juliette, who also convinced Luke Wheeler to let her rejoin his tour (so she can keep an eye on Layla, duh). This should go well, huh?


Juliette’s road to recovery on Nashville has been long and arduous, and while I understand the human aspect of her jealousy, I hope that jumping into a tour with all of this going on doesn’t derail her progress. Seeing Avery and Layla grow closer (if that is indeed the case) would be a very hard pill for Juliette (and, you know, me) to swallow. Let’s just hope this all goes away soon and Juliette, Avery, and Cadence can once again be one big happy family, okay?

Images: Mark Levine/ABC; Giphy