'Bot-ston' Gaston Twitter Bot Generates New Lyrics To The 'Beauty And The Beast' Song, Because Nobody Tweets Like Gaston

Beauty and the Beast's Gaston has to be one of the best Disney characters of all time. His chest hair is epic, he's got mad chin cleft game, and he's dumb as a stump. And now, one tweeter has created a singing Gaston Twitter bot that generates random rhyming lyrics for the chorus of the song "Gaston" under the username @Bot-ston — and you guys? It's as epic as that chest hair I mentioned earlier.

Creator Martin O'Leary (Twitter handle @mewo2) explained that he had the song stuck in his head one day; he put together the bot to remedy the situation. It finds rhyming lyrics to replace the original chorus with, and it even sings them on key. I swore I wasn't going to start singing along. I failed. And I have no regrets.

O'Leary tells Bustle that as long as the bot continues finding new words to rhyme with, it will continue producing new choruses. One day, it will run out of new words and will have to start repeating itself — but that day is not today.

Of course, my mind started to wander, and I asked O'Leary if he was thinking of creating more bots for other characters. "I've thought about it," he says, "but I haven't come up with one which fits as nicely. After all, no one tweets like Gaston!"


In case you need a refresher, here's the original song:


And here are some of the works of art that @Bot-ston has come up with:

While O'Leary doesn't identify as the biggest Disney fan, he explains, "I do have a real fondness for the films from the 'Disney Renaissance' (from The Little Mermaid through to The Lion King), which happened when I was just the right age to appreciate it." He also shares that he has a special place in his heart for the Disney villains. "I don't think anyone will ever top Jeremy Irons' Scar from The Lion King."

People have done some pretty creative things with Disney characters before — recreating Disney princesses as Millennials, for example — and this one definitely nears the top of the list.

Image: Disney