A Very Bromantic Musical Is In The Works

Will "Guy Love" make it to Broadway? It sounds like there's a good chance. A Scrubs musical is in the works according to creator Bill Lawrence. Lawrence previously said there was a chance for a Scrubs musical back in 2012, but recently gave updates to Entertainment Weekly about developing the play and what a Scrubs musical would bring to the stage.

Lawrence told the magazine that he never saw Scrubs as a movie because the show's story was over when it was over. The reason he thinks a musical would work is because it wouldn't continue the story, it would retell parts of it. "The only reason I felt like we could entertain this idea is that it’s not going on — it’s going back." Lawrence talked about an outline "showing where we’re looking for songs, how we would intend to do fantasies" that is going around to composers to get possible song ideas. He went on to say,

The outline is kind of a mishmash of the pilot episode mushed together with the episode where Mrs. Landingham from The West Wing dies. We’re combining two of our best stories with what we’re allowed to cull and choose from our best comedic moments and fantasies from nine years of the show.

Sounds like a good way of doing it. Lawrence is right, if a show is over, it should remain over. The Sex and the City movies are proof of that. By doing a musical, fans will get familiar and already loved stories just with even more music that the television show brought. Lawrence does mention that the play needs to work for people who are unfamiliar with Scrubs too. "You need to be able to get somebody who’s never seen Scrubs and have them get it and enjoy it, and also have someone that’s a psychotic fan. We need to find a way to please both sides."

That could be pretty hard seeing as Scrubs has such a particular type of comedy and storytelling. It's unlike other sitcoms and is really an acquired taste. It sounds like Lawrence is taking his time trying to get everything to work out right, which is a good thing, but who knows how long it will be until we even get another update. For now, I leave you with a classic song from Scrubs past.

Image: NBC