Feminist Twitter Remembers Prince

In the wake of Prince's death, fans around the world are honoring the musical polymath whose genderqueer aesthetic transformed American visions of masculinity. For over 30 years, Prince Rogers Nelson penned stunning R&B, pop, rock, and funk hits for himself and for other artists, topping the charts and winning dozens of awards for songs that will remain lodged in our collective consciousness. Like David Bowie, Prince was a champion of weird, of fierce individuality, and of personal freedom. As Steven W. Thrasher wrote in The Guardian yesterday, "Prince broke all the rules about what black American men should be," and in the process, inspired thousands of boys and men to feel at home in their own skin.

It wasn't just men that Prince inspired, though. With his effortlessly clever lyrics that frequently indulged in raunch and the risque, Prince championed unapologetic, sex-positive women. Whether it's "Darling Nikki", "masturbating with a magazine" in a hotel lobby and leaving a post-coital thank you note, the unabashed Trojan-packing babe in "Little Red Corvette," or everybody and their mom in "Gett Off," the women Prince sang about were shameless — and I mean that in the best way possible.

To celebrate Prince for his pioneering artistry and gender-defying ways, the feminists of twitter have been preaching about the purple one, reminding us that it wasn't just his band that was The Revolution. Here are few of their tweets in memoriam. RIP, Prince.

Images: Twitter