Selena Gomez's Unaired 'Suite Life' Spinoff Would Have Been Cool, But Things Worked Out For The Best Anyway

As glamorous as Hollywood may seem, acting is no easy game. Even successful actors have their share of disappointments, whether it be a cancelled television series or losing out a leading role to another star. If already established actors have to contend with their own heaping of disappointment, then you can imagine what it's like for a person just getting their start in the entertainment industry. Though Selena Gomez is on top of her game now, there was a point in her career when she was a relative unknown just looking to break into the biz. Gomez's real big break came with the Disney Channel series The Wizards Of Waverly Place, but had things gone a little bit differently, we may have never met Alex Russo or any of the other magical friends in her world. That's because Gomez originally starred in a Suite Life Of Zack And Cody spinoff, and had it gone to series, things would have been very, very different for Gomez.

If you tuned into Disney Channel after the finale of the original Suite Life Of Zack And Cody, then you likely remember its spinoff The Suite Life On Deck, in which the titular Zack and Cody attended boarding school on a boat. However, before that show went to series, the network toyed around with the idea of creating a spinoff that featured handyman Arwin. The series, titled Housebroken, filmed a pilot episode that starred Gomez as Arwin's rebellious niece. Though part of the pilot is available online, the series never officially made it onto Disney Channel.

Though the series never took off, it seems that Gomez's work on the pilot episode wasn't forgotten. Her Housebroken character Alexa certainly shares plenty of the same sass that made Gomez's Wizards Of Waverly Place character a hit. It proves that, even when things seemingly don't work out, there are an infinite amount of possibilities ahead.