Is Lifetime's 'Seduced' A True Story? It Shows Another Romance Gone Terribly Wrong

In the world of Lifetime movies, dating is often met with challenges that go way beyond meeting an online date who is nothing like their profile. No, in these thrillers, dating tends to be less awkward and more... absolutely terrifying. Not only can these characters not trust anyone who seems just a little too friendly, they also can't trust any potential romantic interest: at the end of the day, they probably want to kill the main character or steal their fortune. In some movies, it's both. Fortunately, Lifetime's new movie Seduced isn't a true story, as that isn't mentioned anywhere in the plot summary and it doesn't appear on the network's page dedicated to movies with real-life inspiration. But it does follow that pattern of scary, fictional dating tales.

According to Lifetime's website, the plot of Seduced is pretty intense. Though ironically, had things been just a little bit different, the plot of Seduced could have made for quite the romantic comedy. The movie's protagonist is a woman named Caroline, who responds to a "Missed Connections" ad on Craigslist, but instead of it being the beginning of a love story, it starts her own personal hell. Caroline discovers that her new boyfriend is anything but a good guy, and the proclaimed "man of her dreams" is leading a secret life.

If Seduced does seem familiar, it may not only be because of the common theme of a romance turned horror story. This isn't the first Lifetime movie to use a form of the word "seduced" to mean something that's anything but sexy. The network has also aired films called Student Seduction, Lethal Seduction, Seduced By Lies, and Seduced & Betrayed. And on Saturday night, Seduced will join that list of films that tell a thankfully fictional, but no less scary story about what happens when someone who seems too good to be true is just that.