Rebel Wilson & Drake: Hot and Heavy?

Praise be. Praise be the lords of Hollywood, for they are mighty. Rapper Drake may be in hot water right now for his insensitive comments in re: Phillip Seymour Hoffman's Rolling Stone cover, but he's got something promising lined up that might serve to push that into the recesses of our memory in the coming year. Because Drake might be in Pitch Perfect 2 — as Rebel Wilson's love interest. And if that doesn't make your a capella-loving heart soar then I don't know what will.

File this under "rumor" and "unconfirmed" for now, because it seems like the dotted line has not been signed as of yet. Wilson did bring it up herself, however, gracefully dodging a question regarding Drake's Hoffman controversy with a "He might be my love interest in the second Pitch Perfect," causing the reporter questioning her to rightfully emit some restrained squeeing. The best part? It seemed like she was serious, like it might actually be something that's in the works.

It should be noted here that this writer spent most of her middle school years poured over Degrassi with the wild-eyed fervor of a fangirl a little too into Canadian melodrama. Accordingly, Drake never ceased being Aubrey Graham to me — or, more specifically, Jimmy "Wheelchair Jimmy" Brooks. Combine that with his quality performance on Saturday Night Live and with his pipes and, well, to me you've got a perfectly great case for Drake to rock the second Pitch Perfect. And really, does anyone else in that movie have the game to land Rebel Wilson's Fat Amy? No, and the same is true as a vice-versa. Pitch Perfect 2, I think we've found our OTP.

That is, if they're still gonna be all stubborn about the connection between Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow being "subtext." Pfft, whatever.

Images: Getty Images; Tumblr